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Apple raises UK price of latest iphone

- By Matthew Field

APPLE has lifted the launch price of its iphones in the UK by up to £150 as inflation and the falling value of the pound hit British smartphone users.

The latest iphone 14 Pro, its flagship device, will start at £1,099, according to the technology company. That is a jump from £949 for its iphone 13 Pro, its main flagship phone last year.

Its other devices also saw similar jumps. The iphone 14, its less powerful phone, is £70 more expensive on its launch than its iphone 13 was last year.

The hikes come despite Apple keeping the dollar-price of its iphones the same. Its phones in the US will start at $999 (£867). The US price excludes sales taxes, while the UK price includes VAT.

The 16pc rise in the price of its flagship phones comes amid rampant inflation in the UK. At the iphone launch in California, Apple also revealed a new emergency satellite connectivi­ty service for its iphone 14 that can send text messages for help even when a user has no signal.

Ben Woods, an analyst at CCS Insight, said: “Although iphone pricing in the US remains flat, in markets like the UK, Apple has been obliged to increase pricing in local currency given the strength of the US dollar.”

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