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Putin threatens to cut off energy supplies to Europe if price cap imposed on Russian gas

- By Szu Ping Chan, James Warrington and Eir Nolsøe

VLADIMIR Putin has threatened to “freeze” Europe with a total shutdown of energy supplies if Brussels presses ahead with a price cap on Russian gas.

In a speech delivered in Vladivosto­k, Russia’s president warned that Europeans

would face a bleak winter if the Kremlin stopped deliveries to the Continent.

Speaking at an economic conference, he said: “We will not supply anything at all if it is contrary to our interests. No gas, no oil, no coal, no fuel oil, nothing.”

The European Commission is to ask countries to approve a broad cap on the price of Russian gas alongside mandatory cuts in electricit­y use, and a tax on oil and gas companies.

Speaking after Mr Putin’s threat to block supplies, Ursula von der Leyen, the Commission’s president, said: “We must cut Russia’s revenues which Putin uses to finance this atrocious war against Ukraine.”

It came as Norway signalled that it is willing to discuss potential long-term gas agreements and price caps in a move that could help to bring down sky-high energy prices in the UK.

Exports from the country across Europe have surged as the Continent cuts ties with Russia, and it is facing calls to do more to help ahead of a brutal winter that could lead to blackouts and recession in many countries.

Jonas Gahr Store, the prime minister of Norway, said: “I fully understand that Europe now has a profound debate about how energy markets work, how they can secure more affordable prices for citizens, families, industries, how this shortfall of gas after Putin’s aggression can be handled.” But the Norwegian leader said the EU had to be careful not to adopt measures that ended up jeopardisi­ng energy supplies before winter.

Russia’s decision to halt gas supplies through the key Nord Stream 1 pipeline have renewed fears of energy shortages this winter.

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