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Eagles thriving in south Scotland


Six more golden eagle chicks have been relocated to southern Scotland as part of a project to reverse a decline in their numbers. More of the birds now live in the area than at any time in the last 300 years.

There are now about 39 of the species in the south of the country, the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project said.

The chicks were moved from the Scottish Highlands to a secret location this summer. It comes after the conservati­on project was awarded this year’s Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmen­tal Management Tony Bradshaw Award for outstandin­g best practice.

Cat Barlow, its manager, said: “It is thrilling to know that our new arrivals bring the local population of golden eagles to the highest number recorded in the area for three centuries. This majestic bird of prey is fundamenta­l to protecting our local ecosystem.”*

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