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The bakery ‘Announceme­nt was disappoint­ing and vague’


When we first opened during lockdown our energy bill was about £1,500 a month, quite normal for a bakery our size.

Our energy bill has risen to £5,500 a month. This is simply unmanageab­le.

Not only this, but suppliers are also facing the same costs and are lifting prices.

And customers are facing rises at home and are trying to save rather than spend in our store. So we are being squeezed from both ends.

I know many bakeries that are being forced to heavily reduce their offering, lay off staff, compromise on quality or close up completely.

The announceme­nt was quite disappoint­ing and vague. Ms Truss says she will support us for six months. After that, what are we supposed to do? And she hasn’t specified the amount of support she’ll be giving for businesses. We need tangibles. Sophia Suttonjone­s, owner of Sourdough Sophia

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