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Inspired by the Bard King quotes Shakespear­e, echoing Diana tribute


The King said in “Now cracks a his speech: “May noble heart. flights of angels Good-night, sing thee to thy sweet prince, rest.” And flights of

In Act 5 Scene angels sing thee 2 of Hamlet, to thy rest!” Horatio holds The quote is his dying friend also referenced in in his arms and the lyrics of Sir pays tribute to John Tavener’s the Prince of Song for Athene Denmark, saying: which was performed at published in 1603, Diana’s funeral. the phrase “Good

The King and night, sweet

Sir John were prince” has friends and the become a composer poignant way of dedicated his paying tribute to work Fall and respected leaders. Resurrecti­on to who have died. the then Prince of Literary and Wales. religious scholars

In the centuries have noted since Hamlet was similariti­es between Shakespear­e and the Catholic burial service, specifical­ly In paradisum, which translates from Latin as: ‘May the angels lead you into paradise [...] May choirs of angels receive you’.

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