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New King Accession Council’s order of play


Part 1 – Business of the Council meets in the Picture Gallery at St James’s Palace

The doors to the Picture Gallery close, and the Lord President declares the death of the monarch, then proposes the sending of a deputation to greet the new monarch.

The Clerk of the Council reads the Accession Proclamati­on, and the members of the Royal Family who are Privy Counsellor­s, along with the Archbishop­s of Canterbury and York, the Lord Chancellor, the Prime Minister, the Lord Privy Seal, the Lord Great Chamberlai­n, the Earl Marshal and the Lord President all sign the Proclamati­on.

The Lord President then makes orders for after the Council: guns to be fired at Hyde Park and the Tower of London, for the Proclamati­on to be read at the Royal Exchange, and for letters to be sent to the Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Crown Dependenci­es, along with the sheriffs and mayors of the UK’S counties and cities.

The Privy Counsellor­s then proceed to the Throne Room, and the Lord President leads a deputation including of the Lord President of the Council, the Archbishop of Canterbury, senior members of the Cabinet and the Leader of the Opposition to await the monarch

Part 2 – The arrival of the monarch

The monarch enters the Throne Room and all present bow, before the new monarch reads his own personal declaratio­n.

The monarch then makes an oath to protect the Church of Scotland, as stipulated in the 1707 Anglo Scottish Union, and signs two parchment copies of the oath.

The Lord President put forward business for the monarch’s approval, including preparing a Proclamati­on for use in British Overseas Territorie­s, and declaring the date of the state funeral to be a bank holiday.

The monarch then leaves the Throne Room as all present bow.

Remaining Privy Councillor­s sing the Proclamati­on as they leave St James’ Palace.

The Garter Principal King of Arms reads the Proclamati­on from the Balcony above the palace’s Friary Court as guns are fired in salute from Hyde Park.

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