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That is why we mourn her so deeply, and it is in the depths of our grief that we understand why we loved her so much.

Liz Truss Her late Majesty was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known.

Theresa May I am sometimes asked who, among all the world leaders I met, was the most impressive. Queen Elizabeth II was quite simply the most remarkable person I have ever met.

Sir Keir Starmer She did not simply reign over us; she lived alongside us, she shared in our hopes and our fears, our joy and our pain, our good times and our bad.

Sir Ed Davey She represente­d not only duty and courage but warmth and compassion, and she was a living reminder of our collective past, of the greatest generation and their sacrifices.

Ian Blackford The affection which the Queen had for Scotland and that Scotland had for the Queen, cannot be under-estimated.

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