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Heaters threat to Germany’s grid

- By Tim Wallace

ELECTRIC heaters could overload Germany’s energy grid this winter, a supplier has warned, after a surge in demand for the products prompted by fears Russia could shut off gas supplies to central heating systems.

Kerstin Andreae of German utilities industry group BDEW said that households may create “additional problems” with heaters.

“They can overload the power grids, for example when many households in a district turn on their heaters at the same time on a cold winter evening,” she told the Handelsbla­tt newspaper.

The comments come amid efforts by Berlin to encourage families and businesses to start using less energy already in a bid to preserve national gas reserves as Russia constricts the supply.

Last week, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, threatened to shut off the supply completely if the EU pushed ahead with a cap on gas prices.

European power networks are coming under increasing pressure from Russia’s weaponisat­ion of fuel supplies.

Signs of stress have emerged in France, which last week asked Britain and Spain to be prepared to send more electricit­y after too much was sold by a regional supplier.

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