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His head clerk at Fenchurch-avenue, stated last night: “We do not open on Saturdays, but Mr. Kaye was here as usual on Friday. I was the last to see him, and he bade me good evening as he went out. He appeared to be quite in his usual good health and spirits. He had been in business here on his own account for about two years. Before that he was a partner in another firm of metal merchants.

During the two years he was in business on his own account he has done very well. He has had many deals on the Metal Exchange, and there is no doubt the business has been very satisfacto­ry all round. Although things have been quiet in the City lately I am sure he had no cause for worry. He has told me on several occasions that he was worried because things were not too good, but he agreed with me that things would soon be looking up again.

“How he made his fortune we do not know, but that he was very wealthy is quite certain. We have searched through his papers in the safe to-day to see if he had left anything which might throw any light on the tragedy, but there is nothing. He took his wife and little boy to America for a holiday early this year, and it was not until after his return that he began to worry about business.”

The inquest will be held at the house to-morrow.

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