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- Gerard O’donovan

Book of the Week: A Visible Man Radio 4FM, 9.45am

At the outset Edward Enninful, British Vogue’s first black editor-in-chief, recalls telling a friend he’d been inspired to write his own story by the rising tide of the Black Lives Matter movement. The friend counselled: “We don’t see a struggling black man. Make sure you give us power and success, we need that.” But as Enniful admits “like most immigrants, like most black people, I didn’t feel like I had made it. Success for us is fragile.” It’s a perfect way into this most compelling memoir about his climb, against great odds, to the pinnacle of Britain’s fashion world.

The Boy in the Woods Radio 4, 1.45pm

In a 10-part documentar­y Winifred Robinson tells the shocking story of six-yearold Rikki Neave’s murder in Cambridges­hire, in 1994, and the 28-year quest for justice that finally saw his killer convicted earlier this year. Today’s opening episode gives a detailed account of the day Rikki – a streetwise, vulnerable boy known to social services and the authoritie­s – disappeare­d, through the eyes of friends, neighbours and family, including his mother, Ruth, who was suspected by police and tried for his murder, but acquitted, in 1996. Continues daily, this week and next.

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