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Council closes bicycle racks for period of mourning

- By Gareth Davies

CYCLISTS were left bemused as a council closed bicycle racks in Norwich city centre as part of the period of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II.

A sign on one rack, which was put in place by Norwich city council, warned cyclists that their bicycles could be removed if they were left there between last Friday to Wednesday of next week.

It read: “This cycle rack will be closed from Friday Sept 9 until Wednesday Sept 21. If you leave your cycle here between these times it may be removed. We apologise for any inconvenie­nce.”

A picture posted on Twitter of the sign prompted cyclists to call the move “nonsensica­l”.

Norwich residents also pointed out that many people had already ignored the sign and had locked their bikes at the rack anyway.

A city council spokesman explained that the decision was made to stop cyclists using the rack outside Norwich City Hall as it was the dedicated spot for mourners to leave flowers.

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