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NHS clinic diagnosing gay people as trans, LGBT charity claims

- By Hayley Dixon

AN NHS clinic has been accused of “transing the gay away” as figures show two-thirds of children treated for gender identity issues are gay or bisexual.

As it started its defence to its charitable status, the LGB Alliance told a tribunal that the “greatest threat” to young gay people is treatment with life altering drugs and surgery because profession­als convince them they are trans. The charity argues its services protect gay people from “homophobic” attacks including some “lesbians who are being put under pressure to drop their sexual boundaries” and have sex with male bodied people who identify as women.

It is subject to legal action alongside the Charity Commission by trans charity Mermaids, which says that it is just a front for transphobi­a and should be stripped of its charitable status.

It is the first time a charity has ever challenged the registrati­on of another charity. The tribunal heard that LGB Alliance is one of the only organisati­ons that focuses solely on gay rights amid concern young people are being subject to “conversion therapy” because of “gender affirming healthcare” currently being offered on the NHS and supported by LGBT charities.

LGB Alliance believes that treatment at the NHS’S Tavistock Clinic is “transing the gay away” and they argue that puberty blockers and experiment­al drugs are the “greatest threat” to young people they represent.

The Tavistock, which it is claimed has been heavily influenced by Mermaids, is being closed in the spring after an NHS review found it was “not safe” for children.

Akua Reindorf, representi­ng the LGB Alliance, pointed out that in recent years there has been a 4,400 per cent increase in the number of girls being referred to the clinic and it is now treating three times as many girls as boys.

The consequenc­e of “transing away the gay” at the NHS Tavistock is “possible sterilisat­ion and of sexual function of a disproport­ionate number of lesbian children”, she said.

Paul Roberts, chief executive of LGBT Consortium, an umbrella body for 525 LGBT groups in the UK, denied that anyone was “transing away the gay” and refuted that charities were putting out material that suggested that it was “not OK to be gay”.

The Tribunal also heard from Ms Reindorf that some gay people were being discrimina­ted against if they refused to have sex with someone of the opposite sex. A lesbian dating site excluded women who would not date trans women or male cross dressers.

The case continues today at the Firsttier Tribunal in London.

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