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‘Disconnect­ed’ King in tax breaks while people suffer, says US article

- By Josie Ensor

THE New York Times has published a story criticisin­g the King as “disconnect­ed” for enjoying tax privileges while Britons “rely on food banks”.

The article said that as Prince of Wales, Charles spent “half a century turning his royal estate into a billiondol­lar portfolio and one of the most lucrative moneymaker­s in the royal family business”.

The authors described how the then Prince would take over his mother’s portfolio and inherit a share of this untold personal fortune tax-free “while British citizens normally pay around 40 per cent inheritanc­e tax”.

They then questioned his personal wealth, which they say was amassed during a time when the UK faced deep austerity budget cuts and the use of food banks almost doubled.

“His lifestyle of palaces and polo has long fuelled accusation­s that he is out of touch with ordinary people. And he has at times been the unwitting symbol of that disconnect,” write authors Jane Bradley and Euan Ward, from London.

They say the Duchy of Cornwall private estate has been “generating tens of millions of dollars a year” and “done so without paying corporatio­n taxes like most businesses in Britain are obliged to, and without publishing details about where the estate invests its money.”

“The Duchy has been steadily commercial­ising over the past few decades,” the authors quote Laura Clancy, the author of Running the Family Firm: How the Monarchy Manages Its Image and Our Money, as saying. “It is run like a commercial business with a CEO and over 150 staff.”

The paper has breathless­ly covered the death of the Queen and ascension of King Charles III, including a number of critical opinion pieces.

One published last week under the title “Mourn the Queen, Not Her Empire”, Maya Jasanoff, a professor of history at Harvard University, wrote that “we may never learn what the Queen did or didn’t know about the crimes committed in her name”.

Howard Stern, the US radio personalit­y, criticised the wall-to-wall US media coverage on Monday. “I’m like, ‘Jesus, enough with the Queen’,” he told co-host Robin Quivers. “It’s America, we don’t have a queen.”

 ?? ?? The piece suggested the use of food banks has doubled while the King amasses wealth
The piece suggested the use of food banks has doubled while the King amasses wealth

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