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Australian MPS protest over ties to monarchy

- By Nick Squires

GREEN Australian MPS wore T-shirts with aboriginal slogans in a show of protest during a ceremony to swear allegiance to King Charles III.

MPS in Victoria and Tasmania swore fealty yesterday to the new monarch but some did so reluctantl­y amid calls for Australia to become a republic following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Surely we’ve got the guts to have a national conversati­on – what better time than this?” Cassy O’connor, the leader of the Greens Party in Tasmania, told Hobart parliament.

In Victoria, four MPS from the Greens Party made the oath but as a protest wore T-shirts bearing the words “always was, always will be”.

The phrase is a reference to the fact that Aborigines lived in Australia for around 60,000 years before the arrival of Europeans and the establishm­ent of a British penal colony.

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