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Guests will do moonwalk at space-age Dubai hotel

- By James Rothwell

A GIANT, moon-shaped hotel complete with lunar walks and rover taxis could soon dominate the Dubai skyline under proposals for the $5billion (£4.3billion) project from architects in Canada.

More than 600 feet high, the moon replica would contain several thousand luxury suites and various space-themed attraction­s, according to its designers.

Among the more outlandish proposals is a space for experienci­ng low gravity, according to Emirati newspaper the Khaleej Times. Guests can also walk on a mock-up of the Moon’s surface and explore what the designers described as a “vast working lunar colony”.

Michael Henderson, a co-designer from Moon World Resorts, told the

Khaleej Times: “This technology is unique to the Moon [resort]. I cannot divulge everything at this point due to third-party agreements.

“I can share that the astronaut suit you will be wearing on the Moon’s lunar surface will provide you with a certain percentage of gravity reduction.”

It is unclear whether Emirati authoritie­s are likely to approve the plans for the mega-resort.

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