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Putin must be defeated – and made to pay


SIR – The collaborat­ive efforts of the West have helped Ukraine to make major advances in previously Russian-held areas of the country (report, September 12). I am in awe of president Volodymyr Zelensky and the entire Ukrainian population, who have demonstrat­ed such zeal and fortitude since the Russian invasion.

This has always been Vladimir Putin’s war, and if Ukraine triumphs, as seems increasing­ly likely, he should be prosecuted for war crimes and his assets confiscate­d, the proceeds serving as reparation­s towards the damage caused since the invasion.

If Ukraine is victorious, Mr Putin will be removed from office and the new regime will be able to start making amends for the carnage. Chris Learmont-hughes

Caldy, Wirral

SIR – There is understand­able satisfacti­on over the retreat of the Russian army in Ukraine. However, it should be remembered – especially in the case of Mr Putin – that a rat is most dangerous when cornered.

His personal vindictive­ness could lead to a policy of: “If I can’t have it, nobody will.” Contaminat­ion of the farmland by radioactiv­e material or poisons such as anthrax could follow. We must be prepared for the worst.

Professor MMR Williams Eastbourne, East Sussex

SIR – The death of Mikhail Gorbachev last month highlighte­d the fact that Russia is now presided over by a murderous gangster.

I hope that the decent people of Russia will find the courage to rise up in the name of peace, freedom and prosperity, and end Mr Putin’s reign of terror.

Lance Warrington

Cirenceste­r, Gloucester­shire

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