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Covid booster chaos


SIR – Having received notice that I could book my autumn Covid booster, I went online to do so. I chose the place, date and time, but was informed that this appointmen­t was no longer available, so booked the same place and date at a different time. However, I then received emails confirming both appointmen­ts.

Afterwards, I realised that neither appointmen­t was convenient so tried to cancel both. I was unable to do so, due to what the website described as an error on the booking system, and was advised to ring 119. After more than 30 minutes on the phone, I learnt that, although I could make two different appointmen­ts online, I could not cancel either, or make a new one, until 24 hours after the time of the first.

Thus neither appointmen­t will now be available to another patient and the pharmacy will have two unused slots. Brian Rollins

Standish, Lancashire

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