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Standing out in civvies It’s suits for Harry and Andrew

- Dominic Nicholls

The Duke of Sussex, alongside his uncle the Duke of York, struck solitary figures behind the gun carriage carrying the late Queen’s coffin.

Among the scarlet tunics of the Household Division and the leather of the King’s Troop – Royal Horse Artillery – the pair wore morning suits, their uniforms as non-working members of the Royal family.

Palace sources said only working members of the Royal family would be in uniform at the mourning period’s five ceremonial events: Monday’s St Giles’ Cathedral service in Edinburgh, the coffin’s procession to Westminste­r Hall yesterday, the vigil at the lying in state, the funeral in Westminste­r Abbey and the committal service in Windsor.

An exception has been made for Prince Andrew to wear the uniform of a vice admiral of the Navy at Westminste­r Hall on Friday.

Elizabeth II’S grandchild­ren are not expected to attend the vigil.

Yesterday Prince Harry’s press secretary issued a statement saying his “decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears”. As a veteran, Prince Harry will know the rules – that when a serviceper­son is no longer a serving member of the Armed Forces, they cannot wear the uniform of their former unit.

The situation works in the same way for nonworking members of the Royal family. Prince Harry will long ago have come to terms with it.

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