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Shelved Release date for the Duke of Sussex’s controvers­ial memoir is pushed back

- Victoria Ward

The Duke of Sussex’s memoir is expected to be delayed until next year, sources have confirmed.

Ever since it was announced last summer, the book has cast a shadow over the Royal family amid fears it will be used to settle scores.

It was originally scheduled for release in “late 2022” and was expected around Thanksgivi­ng in the US, in time for the Christmas market.

But the death of Queen Elizabeth II has thrown publicatio­n and publicity plans for its release into turmoil.

The King announced on Friday that the Royal family would remain in mourning until seven days after the late Queen’s funeral on Monday.

Protocol dictates official duties are then gradually phased in, with military and charity engagement­s likely to be given priority and personal projects coming later.

A source close to the Sussexes indicated the book would not now come out as planned as the couple respect a mourning period likely to last well beyond the official 10 days.

Archetypes, the Duchess’s Spotify podcast, is said to have been put on hold for up to six weeks as a mark of respect.

There are no plans to pull the book but it will probably have to be updated throughout to reflect the impact of Queen Elizabeth’s death.

The Duke and his ghostwrite­r, US author JR Moehringer, will have time to write additional chapters about his grandmothe­r’s death, ensuring it does not appear out of date.

No members of the Royal family, their aides or lawyers have had sight of the book in any form. Neither have they been informed when it is due to be published.

Such is the bad blood between the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales that the former did not even tell his brother he was coming to the UK this month for a series of charity engagement­s.

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