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Fairer energy relief


SIR – I am a 78-year-old pensioner. My pension is part-state and part-private. I don’t lead a lavish life. I make a profit from my pension’s income and spend or save it as I wish.

There is no reason why I and others like me cannot absorb extra energy charges. Why should the Government sub me? The money I receive will come from higher borrowing, at least until the debt markets are unable to sell the debt or do so at a cripplingl­y high cost.

It is unfair to people who need help: the money should be targeted. The reason for not doing this – that it is administra­tively too difficult – does not bear scrutiny.

Ken Mottram Epping, Essex SIR – We have just had a nice letter from British Gas saying it calculates that if we were to stay on our existing rates we would have to pay £1,242.50 in the current year for our electricit­y (we have no gas).

However, it adds that, if we were to adopt its “super-save system”, the bill would be £1,573.93. This is followed by detailed instructio­ns on how to apply for it.

Bob Salmon

Greetham, Rutland

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