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Royal fan crosses the pond for ceremony


Two American siblings who flew over specifical­ly to see the Queen lying in state said the camaraderi­e in the queue made their experience in Westminste­r Hall much more emotional.

Kathryn Emery, 26, above, from Connecticu­t, said: “We just both really admire the Royal family but especially Elizabeth. It was such a momentous moment in history, we wanted to be part of it.

“It was definitely worthwhile, I would do it again. It was very emotional, I was trying to take in everything.”

Ms Emery, who was visiting with her 22-year-old sister Kristen, added: “[The Queen] gave her entire life and was so selfless and it was really beautiful to feel that emotion almost being given back to her.

“It was silent as everyone approached her. You could take your time.

“Everyone also gave people space as you were going up and having your moment with her. Every person got to have their own individual moment.

“For me, especially coming from the US, that’s not really something I thought I would do in my lifetime, have the opportunit­y to see the Queen.”

She added that she had always admired the Royal family and Britain’s “sense of history” and tradition. She continued: “It’s so different from anything we have in the US, it’s really fascinatin­g and interestin­g to learn about, there’s just so much history and tradition.

“I’ve always been someone who just loves tradition and anything to do with family in general.

“My Instagram suggested pages are pretty much all the Royal family ones.

“It’s a little bit embarrassi­ng but I just find them so fascinatin­g.”

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