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Farewell to my boss

Ex-royal Engineer, ‘it was worth the wait’


A retired Army veteran from Yorkshire made the journey to pay his respects but described the queue as “frustratin­g but worth it in the end”.

Peter Grundy, 55, right, served in the Royal Engineers from 1983 to 2013 and now works as a civil servant for the Ministry of Defence.

He traveled to the capital with his wife, Eilidh Grundy.

Describing his experience, Mr Grundy said: “The queue was frustratin­g but worth it in the end …We’ve travelled down from Yorkshire and we’ve got a train to catch so we were always watching the clock, so you can imagine how tense it became.

“We queued just over seven hours, it is what it is, and it was worth it without a doubt.” His wife added: “I’d queue again now.”

Mr Grundy said he first met the Queen a decade ago at an event celebratin­g the Royal Engineers 300th anniversar­y.

He continued: “I earned my medals over 30 years of service. She was Colonelin-chief of the Engineers so I just said farewell to my boss for the whole duration of my service. … I met her at Chatham at the Royal Engineers 300-year anniversar­y…

“Then I was in a photograph in Maidstone with her. I was in the fortunate position to be standing behind her. And then we went to the Queen’s Garden Party in 2013. Three times I’ve been in her presence.”

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