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Police tackle ‘abuse’ at BBC star’s school

- By Daily Telegraph Reporter

POLICE have launched an investigat­ion into abuse claims at a top Edinburgh school after Nicky Campbell, the BBC presenter, revealed he was a victim.

Campbell claimed he had suffered abuse during his time at Edinburgh Academy in the Seventies.

Police Scotland said the investigat­ion was “live and ongoing” and a dedicated team was looking into historic claims.

A spokesman said: “While the investigat­ion of child abuse, particular­ly non-recent offences, can be complex and challengin­g, anyone who reports this type of crime can be assured that we will listen and we will investigat­e all reports, no matter when those offences occurred or who committed them.”

Campbell made the claims during an episode of his BBC podcast Different. He said the experience had a “profound effect on my life”.

Later, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, he said: “I was badly beaten up at school by a teacher who was a leading light in the scripture union.

“My mother took it as far as she could and got a grovelling apology from (the man involved), but was essentiall­y stonewalle­d and it was hushed up by the school.

“Those were different times and that has stayed with me all my life.”

The school said it “deeply” regrets the allegation­s and “wholeheart­edly” apologised to those involved.

In a previous statement, the school said: “We have worked closely with the relevant authoritie­s, including Police Scotland, with their inquiries and would like to provide reassuranc­e that things have dramatical­ly changed since the Seventies.

“The Academy has robust measures in place to safeguard children at the school with child protection training now core to the ethos of the Academy.”

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