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Children on clean-up duty discover gun

- By Lila Randall

CHILDREN have been congratula­ted by police after finding an Uzi submachine­gun under a bridge in Amsterdam.

School Kairos gave students aged 11 and 12 rubbish bags and gloves as part of Cleanup Day on Wednesday.

Sarie, an eighth grader, found the weapon, the Netherland­s Post reports. She picked it up and gave it to her headmaster.

“Fortunatel­y, she was already wearing gloves, because that way her fingerprin­ts did not get on the weapon,” the police, Politie Basisteam Boven IJ, wrote on Facebook.

“This is a special but dangerous find. Sarie, Mara, Toby and all 8th grade students did a great job and we are proud of you for doing so well,” the police added.

A firearm expert later confirmed the gun is a genuine Uzi. The police, who seized the firearm and expect to destroy it, do not know how it came to be under the bridge.

Lehrer Levie Peek, a teacher at the school who was accompanyi­ng children on the trip, said the pupils were “excited” by the discovery and did not find it threatenin­g, which he accredited to the skill of the police in conversing with the youngsters about the weapon, Spiegel Panorama reports.

The Cleanup day saw volunteers, schools and companies collaborat­e with waste agencies. Zita Pels, the deputy mayor of Amsterdam, Milan Knol, a gaming Youtuber, and Sander Mager, of the Dutch water authoritie­s Unie van Waterschap­pen, took part via livestream. The city will host another litter sweep tomorrow as part of the World Cleanup day.

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