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Minister offers to quit after burial mix-up

- By Our Foreign Staff

SLOVENIA’S health minister has offered to resign after an identity mix-up that led to a family being told incorrectl­y that their grandfathe­r had died.

Danijel Besic Loredan, the health minister, said that a funeral was held for an elderly man who had allegedly died after being admitted to hospital, only for the family to later discover he was actually still alive.

Mr Loredan told a news conference: “Somebody buried their father yesterday and today found out he was alive, while another family realised today that it was their father who died.”

The two residents, one of whom had advanced dementia, were taken to hospital last week suffering from different health problems.

One of them died two days later, only for the wrong family to be informed.

After a mandatory forensic check, the family organised a cremation and held a funeral on Wednesday.

The mistake was only discovered after the second man recovered from his illness and returned to his care home, where staff realised that he had the wrong identity tag on his wrist.

“This is totally unacceptab­le,” Mr Loredan told reporters.

The two men, both the same age and both confined to wheelchair­s, were taken to the same hospital from the same care home in Slovenia’s eastern town of Zidani Most.

The backlash faced by the authoritie­s was so great that the health minister offered to resign yesterday.

His offer was not accepted by the prime minister.

An investigat­ion into the case of mistaken identity has been ordered.

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