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Use the stairs, Vuitton tells workforce

- By Lucy Burton

LOUIS VUITTON owner LVMH is preparing to slash its energy bill this winter by turning down the thermostat in its stores and urging staff to take the stairs instead of getting in a lift.

The luxury goods giant, run by Europe’s richest man, Bernard Arnault, has introduced a range of measures to combat spiralling energy costs including reducing the temperatur­e in its stores by 1 degree celsius this winter and asking over 30,000 staff to change their daily habits.

The changes will happen first in France, where the group’s energy usage is equivalent to the annual electricit­y consumptio­n of a city of 150,000, before being rolled out globally.

Lights in its stores will also be switched off between 10pm and 7pm and office lights will go off from 9pm. Staff have also been told to rethink their behaviours by considerin­g alternativ­es to using lifts.

The business said the goal is to “reduce the current tensions on the electricit­y market” and slash its energy usage by around 10pc.

Campaigner­s in France have been trying to get shops to switch off lights at night, despite a law brought in a decade ago requiring shops to go dark after 1am.

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