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Covid jab switch hits sales at Oxford lab

- By Hannah Boland

SALES are down by a fifth at the maker of Astrazenec­a’s Covid-19 vaccine, as the jab gets passed aside for other vaccines in national booster rollouts.

Oxford Biomedica said its revenues had fallen 21pc in the first half of the year to £64m, which was “largely driven by a reduction in Covid-19 vac- cine manufactur­ing revenues”.

The company said volumes of jab production were down, given last year it saw “exceptiona­l results when vaccine manufactur­ing was at full pace”.

It is now expecting to make £30m from Covid vaccine sales for 2022, compared to £100m last year. It said reve- nues in the second half were likely to be similar to those in the first, meaning they would come in at around £130m, compared to £143m last year.

Shares in the company spiked during the pandemic, tripling to £15.60 each, but have since fallen back to below early 2020 levels at £4.50 each. The company was at the centre of early vac- cination efforts, after striking a deal to make Astrazenec­a’s jabs by growing the cells used in it at its Oxford facilities.

The Astrazenec­a jab was key in jab rollouts, accounting for 25m first vaccines and 24m second doses in Britain. Since then many countries have opted to use Moderna and Pfizer MRNA jabs for their boosters, following concerns of blood clots with the Astrazenec­a jab.

Oxford Biomedica struck a deal with Astrazenec­a in July to make jabs “on an as-needed basis”. Astrazenec­a has so far hinted it is unlikely to pursue a strategy of supplying more vaccines annually.

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