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Three-fifths of Smyrna are in ashes. More than 300,000 persons are homeless this morning as the fire burns itself out after destroying the entire Armenian, Greek, and foreign quarters. The financial loss is close upon £40,000,000, of which between £2,000,000 and £3,000,000 are American. The loss of life it is impossible to compute. Every Allied ship in the harbour volunteere­d its services in clearing the refugees, many of whom were badly wounded. The streets are littered with dead. Thus, despite Kemal Pasha’s assurances, Turkey has “regulated past accounts.”

All the foreign Consulates are destroyed, together with fine business buildings, banks, and homes along the quays of the foreign quarter. Except for the squalid Turkish quarter, Smyrna has ceased to exist. Among the houses destroyed are the headquarte­rs of Kemal Pasha. The problem of the minorities is here solved for all time. The refugees are being removed to other lands as fast as possible. No doubt remains as to the origin of the fire. On the sworn testimony of the American staff of the Collegiate Institute, the torch was applied by Turkish regular soldiers. Evidently it was a reprisal for the damage caused by the Greek army during the retreat. All non-turkish peoples suffered alike.

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