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Gerard O’donovan


Crowdscien­ce World Service, 8.30pm

Why do we laugh more in a crowded room filled with either friends or strangers than when watching comedy alone? And why do people from different cultures laugh at some of the same jokes but not at others? These are questions raised by Crowdscien­ce listener Samuel in Ghana, who wonders why he finds it so easy to laugh compared to other people, while presenter Caroline Steel digs into whether it’s our personalit­y, the people around us or the atmosphere in the room that determines how much we giggle. It’s an interestin­g listen for anyone who (shh!) never got The Office or Jimmy Carr.

Late Junction: The Lou Reed Archive Mixtape Radio 3, 11pm

He died in 2013 but Lou Reed’s legacy as one of rock music’s most talented innovators continues to grow. To mark what would have been his 80th year, Verity Sharp shares an exclusive mixtape from Lou Reed Archive. Put together by its overseers Don Fleming and Jason Stern, this is a previously unheard collection of demos, including the earliest known versions of some of his most famous songs, and early recordings of Reed talking about and performing his poetry. Also featured are some of his favourite tracks from the likes of Ornette Coleman and Scott Walker.

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