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Long-lasting birth control jab for men within a year

- By Sarah Knapton

A MALE contracept­ive jab which lasts 10 years – and prevents men passing on HIV and other sexually transmitte­d diseases – could be available within a year.

The injection would be simpler than a vasectomy, experts say, while also being reversible and less painful.

Final trials have been completed by researcher­s at the Indian Institute of Technology and experts say the jab, called Risug – reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance – could be available within 12 months.

However, researcher­s are concerned men will avoid the procedure. Dr Amanda Wilson, a public health psychologi­st at De Montfort University, carried out research which found men were very hesitant about the jab. Her team linked the hesitancy to a general decline in men opting for vasectomie­s.

At the British Science Festival in Leicester, Dr Wilson said: “For a male pill, we’re still looking at between 30 and 50 years, but Risug is the male contracept­ive that is closest to reaching the market. But we’re seeing a significan­t decrease in vasectomie­s.

“Scientists don’t know why. But until we get that social acceptabil­ity of vasectomy up globally, there’s not going to be as much social acceptabil­ity for Risug.”

It works by injecting a gel cocktail into the vas deferens. When it comes into contact with sperm, it ruptures their tails so they are incapable of fertilisin­g an egg, even though the semen is still expelled.

The procedure takes a few minutes, and is reversible with an injection of water and baking soda.

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