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Migrants from Mexico may be sent around US for processing

- By Nick Allen in Washington

JOE BIDEN is coming under pressure from his own officials to send thousands of illegal immigrants detained at the Mexico border to cities across America and even north towards Canada.

With homeland security agents on the southern border encounteri­ng more than 200,000 migrants a month, officials have told the president to adopt a strategy of “interior processing” in which many would be flown or bussed to other parts of the United States.

Republican state governors have already taken matters into their own hands, with Ron Desantis, the Florida governor, this week flying two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, the holiday island in Massachuse­tts.

Department of Homeland Security officials have reportedly set out for the White House a series of options to manage overcrowdi­ng at the border. They included flying migrants to facilities at the northern border with Canada.

Migrants could also be sent to cities including Los Angeles, where shelters could be set up.

Homeland security officials argued that the process would be more organised than the random way in which Republican governors from states including Texas and Arizona have been sending migrants north by bus.

The number of migrant crossings at the Mexican border is nearly 8,000 per day, and the White House has set 9,000 as a level where “interior processing” would begin.

They would be taken to other cities and wait there for hearings in immigratio­n courts.

Homeland security officials suggested the mechanics of chartering planes and organising shelters should start now, but there had been friction with the White House over taking that step, NBC News reported.

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