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Aga incubation


SIR – I well remember growing up on our farm with an Aga in the kitchen (Letters, September 16). The warmth was constant and served a number of uses. One was to incubate lambs born on a cold winter’s night and abandoned by their mothers. A day in the bottom oven with the door left open, while being hand fed, usually pulled them back from the brink.

It also provided sanctuary for many a litter of Jack Russell terriers.

John Marsh

Sheringham, Norfolk

SIR – Asked by Somerset County Council to consider village resilience in the event of a sustained power outage coinciding with very cold weather, our parish council found that while a few wood burners may keep residents warm, a handful of oil-run Agas are the only back-up that will provide hot drinks and food. They will run, without electricit­y, for weeks. David Raynes

Litton, Somerset

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