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NHS cancellati­ons


SIR – Matthew Taylor (Letters, September 16), the chief executive of the NHS Confederat­ion, says Covid boosters will continue to be given on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. He may be interested to know that my husband’s booster appointmen­t has been cancelled.

Perhaps the right hand should know what the left hand is doing. Marguerite Beard-gould

Walmer, Kent

SIR – On September 5 my son received a letter from the hospital that had the postmark September 1. The letter was dated August 11 and was for an appointmen­t on August 25.

A missed appointmen­t costs the NHS £180. No wonder it is in such a mess.

Kathleen Bass


SIR – Could we persuade the Duke of Norfolk to take on running the NHS? Paddy Manning

Epping, Essex

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