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‘Just get on with it’ – advice for Ardern on being a new mother

- By Gabriella Swerling social affairs editor

QUEEN ELIZABETH II once told Jacinda Ardern, “Well, you just get on with it”, when she asked how to balance being a mother and a public figure.

The prime minister of New Zealand was one of the first world leaders to pay her respects to the late sovereign in London on Friday.

Yesterday, Ms Ardern appeared on the BBC’S Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg, to reflect on her first meeting with the late Queen.

The politician, who was pregnant at the time of the exchange, asked how the late monarch managed to balance being both a mother and a leader. She recalled: “I asked her, for instance, of course what was one of the things on my mind alongside being a new prime minister was being a prime minister and a mum.

“I said to her: ‘How did you manage?’ And I remember she just said: ‘Well, you just get on with it’.

“And that was actually probably the best and most, I think, factual advice I could have. You do, you just take every day as it comes. And she did.

“But I have such respect for her because I see now what it takes to be a mum and a leader and she did it more times over than I.”

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