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Late monarch will be with King every step of the way, says Biden

- By Robert Mendick Chief Reporter

AT THE age of 79 he could be forgiven for needing a crib sheet. Joe Biden, the US president, yesterday evening signed a book of condolence in memory of the late Queen, declaring that “the world is better for her”.

To avoid that awful problem of writing down a misplaced word and having to cross it out, Mr Biden instead dutifully copied out his message from the aide-mémoire he had brought with him.

He pulled the note from his suit pocket, placed it next to the book of condolence and copied it out. The note, partially visible to the camera, was entitled “Proposed Message for Queen Eliz- abeth II, and highlighte­d her “enduring … devotion” to her subjects.

Mr Biden and his wife, Jill, arrived in the UK on Saturday night and yesterday the couple paid their respects to the late Queen, visiting Westminste­r Hall where her body was lying in state.

From there the Bidens travelled to Lancaster House, where the president offered a reassuring message to the new King. “It’s a loss that leaves a giant hole and sometimes you think you’ll never, you’ll never overcome it,” he said

“But, as I’ve told the King, she’s gonna be with him every step of the way, every minute, every [moment].”

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