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Royal Canadian Mounted Police


With a decadeslon­g bond between the Queen and the Mounties it is appropriat­e that they will lead today’s Procession. Sergeant Major Scott Williamson, riding master of the RCMP, has described the relationsh­ip between them as “quite personal” and as such there will be “a lot of pressure” to produce a “no-fail mission”.

Throughout her reign the Queen visited Canada 22 times, having first met its ceremonial division when it performed at her coronation in 1953. A sevenyear-old black mare called Burmese who the RCMP presented to her in 1969 even became her favourite horse. She went on to ride the mare at Trooping the Colour for 18 consecutiv­e years.

She was the first of eight horses given to the Queen by the Mounties.

Sergeant Major Williamson said: “It’s incredibly humbling and an honour for us to be here representi­ng the organisati­on and every Canadian that we know would love to be here for this historic moment.”

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