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The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers

Queen was Colonel in Chief


Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the title of “The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers” on April 21 1977. The Royal family has a long associatio­n with the Gurkhas and this was reinforced in 1954 when the late Queen reintroduc­ed the practice that two Gurkha Officers should be nominated annually as “The Queen’s Gurkha Orderly Officers”.

She cemented ties between Nepal and the UK by undergoing two visits, which it was said she would often recall fondly when meeting with Gurkhas and their families. Gurkhas first joined the British Army following the

Anglo-nepalese War in 1814-1816 and, having distinguis­hed themselves on the battlefiel­d, Britain was granted permission to recruit Nepalese men into its Army.

They will form part of the procession from Westminste­r Abbey to Wellington Arch.

All officers will wear No 1 Dress with swords and medals, while other ranks will wear No 1 Dress with medals and arms.

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