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Patients left in limbo


SIR – I was finally due to have a colposcopy – a cervical cancer test – today.

I had been waiting since being flagged in March (Letters, September 17); the appointmen­t was delayed due to a combinatio­n of the Covid backlog and staff shortages. Worryingly, I then found out the appointmen­t had been delayed, again, as a result of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. I’ve also heard about life-saving operations and appointmen­ts being cancelled for the bank holiday. Unfortunat­ely, however, cancer will not be taking the day off.

I can’t imagine what the news must feel like to someone who knows they are in desperate need of treatment and can’t receive it. And the already stretched NHS staff hardly need the extra administra­tion involved in rescheduli­ng appointmen­ts.

Let the Royal family mourn, and let people keep living their lives. Geneva Stanton

London N4

SIR – A friend and I booked our Covid boosters for Tuesday September 20, and arranged our transport.

Both appointmen­ts were then cancelled by text. No reason was given. Back to square one, then.

Carole Gardner

Tarporley, Cheshire

SIR – On September 1, I attended the outpatient clinic at a nearby NHS hospital, and a few days later I received a letter confirming an appointmen­t at the same clinic on September 7.

Imagine my delight when I realised it was for September 7 2023. Despite my age, it seems that someone in the NHS believes I will still be around then.

Brian Christley

Abergele, Conwy

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