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No task too big or small for the trusty Aga


SIR – £10 per day for an Aga (Letters, September 17) is a bargain. Many people spend that on takeaway coffees and fast food.

Our Aga is a workhorse. It dries our clothes so we don’t need a tumble dryer. It allows stock to simmer overnight, and defrosts our suppers so we don’t need a microwave. It dries and comforts our old dog after walks – and everyone in the family likes to lean on it.

Chris and Bill Neil

Yockleton, Shropshire

SIR – In his excellent summation of the Aga’s capabiliti­es, Peter Rosie (Letters,

September 16) overlooks one further use: properly folded clothes can be perfectly ironed in short order, thereby saving further electricit­y as well as tedious struggles with a badly designed ironing board.

Crispin Caldicott

Warkworth, New Zealand

SIR – It is not time to rip out the Aga, but adapt it. We converted ours to electricit­y so that, with our new solar panels and a sunny day, we can power it up free of charge. On cloudy days we can still reduce power use.

Nigel Jones Lechlade, Gloucester­shire

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