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The sun is now seen against the constellat­ion Virgo. During eclipse on Thursday there are some twenty stars in Virgo that should photograph themselves on the exposed plate. Six months ago. when the sun was in the opposite quarter of the heavens, Virgo was overhead at midnight, and the sun “down under,” and opportunit­y was then taken to photograph Virgo, and an exact record of the places of all these stars was obtained.

The photograph­s to be taken this week on Christmas Island at local midday will be carefully compared with those taken six months ago at midnight.

If, as is expected, the comparison establishe­s that the stars photograph­ed as a background to the midday eclipsed sun occupy positions relative to each other different from those they filled in the midnight picture of the sky when the sun was absent, then Einstein is right. Light is subject to gravitatio­n. We get light given back to us as a material (if still mysterious) thing, as in the old, discarded, corpuscula­r theory, not a mere wave movement in a theoretica­l ether which, in Einstein’s belief, does not exist. Viva Einstein!

The instrument to be used by the British party on Christmas Island is the 13in astrograph­ic equatorial that for many ears past has been employed at Greenwich Observator­y in making the internatio­nal photograph­ic chart of the heavens.

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