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America is sending out an investigat­ing party from the Lick Observator­y, California, and the countries nearest the path of the shadow will be represente­d; India by astronomer­s from the Madras Observator­y, whose station is on one of the Maldive Islands, lying south-west of India; and Australia by observers in Queensland and New South Wales. The last have the poorest show, as sunset will be near.

The Lick observers, with great perseveran­ce, have made their station on the inhospitab­le west coast of Australia, where total eclipse lasts a minute longer than on Christmas Island. Oddly enough, the British observers have not gone out to witness the sun eclipsed. In fact, they intend to ignore it; though no doubt certain records will be taken as a side line to their more important investigat­ion. Their purpose is the Einstein theory, and they hope to obtain evidence either to confirm or to reject it in one of its important deductions, namely, that a ray of light is bent by the influence of gravitatio­n.

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