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The inaugural National Handicap Pairs Championsh­ip has taken place via heats held by clubs or counties, either face-to-face or online, writes Julian Pottage, Bridge Correspond­ent. For this event, results took into account the player’s National Grading Scheme standing, which meant that all players had the chance to win. The winners, with scores adjusted to incorporat­e handicap, are as follows:

1st Cyril Green and Jim Berry (Cheltenham), 64.07%; 2nd Stephen Button and Peter Adams (Scunthorpe), 63.64%; 3rd Colin Lennox and John Jenkins (Cheltenham), 62.09%; 4th Patrick Mcculloch and Rosaleen Kaye (Cheltenham), 61.67%; and 5th Sue Simpson and Sandy Reismoser (Worthing), 61.47%.


Isle of Man Congress has taken place at the Best Western Palace Hotel and Casino in Douglas, and the winners are as follows:

Swiss Pairs: 1st Eric Cummings and Ceri Pierce, 130 VPS; 2nd Carole Kelly and Geoff Kenyon, 123 VPS; and 3rd= Stephen Baggs and John Large, 121 VPS; 3rd= Sue Fjortoft and Nick Woodcock, 121 VPS.

Swiss Teams: 1st Gill Copeland, Steve Blackburn, Carole Kelly and Geoff Kenyon, 90 VPS; 2nd Jim Hay, Derrick Peden, Lindsay Herbert and Diccen Sargent, 87 VPS; and 3rd Sue Woodcock, Bill Carr, Sue Fjortoft and Nick Woodcock, 76 VPS.

Mixed Pairs: 1st Steve Blackburn and Nichola Cockerills­mith, 60.12%.

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