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Einstein’s theory requires three things to establish it fully as truth; three consequenc­es that result from its acceptance must be proved.

It must account for certain irregular movements of the plant Mercury which are not explainabl­e under Newtonian laws: and this it has done. It must be supported by evidence of displaceme­nt of lines in the spectrum; and this, according to enthusiast­s, is already establishe­d, though the more cautious scientists submit that more investigat­ion is yet required before the question is taken as settled. It must, thirdly, be shown that light is influenced by gravitatio­n, as are the substantia­l material bodies. Newton admitted that light might be subject to gravitatio­n, but Einstein requires that light passing near a great material body like the sun on its journey towards earth is deflected from the straight line to nearly double the extent that Newton’s law of gravitatio­n, if applicable, allows.

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