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Duchess’s farewell Return to the royal fold


Sarah, Duchess of York was welcomed back into the royal fold with a prime spot in Westminste­r Abbey, reflecting the friendship she shared with Queen Elizabeth.

The 62-yearold, dressed in black and wearing a net fascinator, joined her daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and their husbands to pay tribute.

The Duchess last week described her heartbreak at the Queen’s death.

“To me, she was the most incredible mother-in-law and friend,” she said. “I will always be grateful to her for the generosity she showed me in remaining close to me even after my divorce. I will miss her more than words can express.”

The Duchess married Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son, in 1986. They separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996, but have continued to live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

The Duchess maintained a close bond with the monarch, often joining her for dog walks at Frogmore House, on the Windsor estate. It emerged last week that the Duke and Duchess had taken on the late Queen’s corgis.

The Duke, 62, gave his mother two dogs, Muick and Fergus, during lockdown in March 2021 in an attempt to cheer her up when the Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital. The pups had been found by the Duchess.

Fergus died last May but he was replaced with another corgi, Sandy, who with Muick brought “constant joy” to the late monarch.

A the “The source Duke Duchess close said: to bonded with Her Majesty over dog walking even divorce, riding after horses and she her and would continue her great friendship with Her Majesty, by walking the dogs in Frogmore and chatting.”

Last summer was the first in decades that the Duchess was invited to join the Royal family at Balmoral. She is also understood to have spent time with the Queen at there summer. this The Duchess was at Balmoral when The Sun published photos of her with businessma­n John Bryan in 1992. The Duke of Edinburgh is said to have refused to stay under the same roof as his former daughterin-law, but his death heralded a relaxing of rules.

The late Queen stood by the Duchess and was said to admire her loyalty to Prince Andrew. The Duchess was one of his sole champions as he was engulfed by the scandal over his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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