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Bug in iphone makes camera fail in social media apps

- By Daily Telegraph Reporter

THE new Apple iphone is suffering from a bug that causes its camera to fail when using apps such as Tiktok, Snapchat and Instagram, according to some owners.

The glitch in the tech giant’s flagship iphone 14 Pro Max, the most expensive model at £1,199, appears to affect the phone’s optical image stabilisat­ion (OIS) feature.

Videos posted on social media by users show that when using the social media apps to take video or pictures, the image on the screen appears wobbly, as if looking at a reflection on rippling water.

Owners say that when using the camera through the third-party apps, the OIS motor can be heard making audible grinding sounds and vibrating the entire phone.

The OIS motor appears to work without any problem when using the phone’s own camera app. Apple has been contacted for comment.

The iphone 14 models were released last Friday but since then there have been a number of software issues reported. Apple on Sunday rolled out its first operating system (IOS) update to address data migration, authorisat­ion and photo issues with the range.

The firm confirmed further problems, relating to imessage and Facetime, yesterday.

In a new support document, Apple admitted that “imessage and Facetime might not complete activation on iphone 14 and iphone 14 Pro” and says that issues may still occur, even after updating to the new operating system.

Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, announced four variations of the iphone 14 at the company’s “Far Out” launch event on Sept 7.

These were the standard iphone 14 model, the iphone 14 Plus, iphone 14 Pro and iphone 14 Pro Max.

The iphone 14 Pro starts from £1,099 – a jump from £949 for its iphone 13 Pro, its main high-end phone last year.

The iphone 14, its less powerful phone, is £70 more expensive on its launch than the iphone 13 was last year.

The price jump comes despite Apple keeping the dollar price of its iphones the same. Its flagship phones in the US will start at $999 (£878). The US price excludes sales taxes, while the UK price includes VAT. The 16pc rise in the price of its flagship phones comes amid rampant inflation in the UK.

At its iphone launch event, Apple also revealed a new emergency satellite connectivi­ty service for its iphone 14 that can send text messages for help even when a user has no phone signal.

Ben Woods, an analyst at CCS Insight, said: “Although iphone pricing in the US remains flat, in markets like UK, Apple has been obliged to increase pricing in local currency given the strength of US dollar.”

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