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Labour MP victim of neo-nazi murder plot quits for NHS role


A LABOUR MP who was targeted by a neo-nazi in a murder plot has quit Parliament to take a job in the NHS.

Rosie Cooper, 72, the MP for West Lancashire since her election in 2005, said she had “loved every minute” spent representi­ng her constituen­ts. But she admitted that while her announceme­nt would be a surprise, her experience­s had “undoubtedl­y taken their toll”.

Jack Renshaw, a far-right paedophile, admitted hatching a plan to kill Ms Cooper when he was arrested on suspicion of child sex offences in 2018.

Renshaw told other members of the National Action group he had been set up by Left-wing campaigner­s and sought their permission to take revenge by killing the MP.

The white supremacis­t, who had bought a sword online, received a life sentence in May 2019, giving a Nazi salute as he was jailed at the Old Bailey.

Ms Cooper’s unexpected departure will trigger a by-election in the constituen­cy, which Labour holds with a majority of 8,336 votes.

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