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Threat of early death for diabetic women

- By Joe Pinkstone Science correspond­ent

WOMEN in the UK with type 2 diabetes are 60 per cent more likely to die prematurel­y than the average woman, research suggests.

Data also reveal type 2 diabetic women’s life expectancy is five years shorter than a non-sufferer.

Men with the disease — which comes on in adulthood often as a consequenc­e of poor diet, lack of exercise and excess weight — were found to have a 44 per cent increased risk of early death and live 4.5 years less than their non-diabetic peers.

The findings, presented at the European Associatio­n for the Study of Diabetes in Stockholm, are based on a cohort of 12,000 patients at the Salford Royal Hospital.

Results also suggest smoking shortens the life expectancy of people with type 2 diabetes by 10 years.

Dr Adrian Heald, of Salford Royal Hospital, said groups at the highest risk needed to be made aware to “help them make changes that can improve their quality – and length – of life”.

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