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Payout for lawyer sacked after work from home request


A SOLICITOR sacked after taking time off sick has lost her claim for unfair dismissal after criticisin­g a bank’s “longhours culture”.

Gulnaz Raja, 36, who suffers from asthma, claimed she was criticised by Matt Newman, her “demanding” boss, who “valued” staff who worked late.

A central London tribunal was told that Ms Raja, who earned £76,000 a year at Starling bank, refused to work more than her contracted hours in the office and would arrive five minutes before the start of board meetings – 40 minutes after her boss.

Ms Raja would leave the office at the time stated in her contract, and repeatedly asked if she could/ work from home, causing an “impatient” Mr Newman to sack her as solicitor and deputy company secretary after he concluded she was “not a Starling person”.

The tribunal rejected Ms Raja’s claims of unfair dismissal and victimisat­ion but ruled she should receive compensati­on for disability discrimina­tion. A tribunal hearing over compensati­on will be convened at a later date.

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