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Palestinia­n killed in gun battle after West Bank raid

- By Our Foreign Staff

PALESTINIA­N security forces exchanged fire with militants yesterday as angry residents pelted an official armoured vehicle with metal bars, marking a rare case of internal fighting in the occupied West Bank.

The incident was prompted by an arrest raid against two Islamist Hamas militants in the city of Nablus.

A 53-year-old man, known only as Firas, was shot dead and it is not clear whether the bullet came from the Palestinia­n Authority or militants. Hamas, which is locked in a bitter rivalry with the Palestinia­n Authority, said Palestinia­n security forces had killed him.

Videos posted on social media show young residents hitting a Palestinia­n military jeep-style car with bricks, stones and metal bars before chasing the vehicle from the central Martyrs Square.

Residents accused the Palestinia­n security forces of making the arrests on behalf of Israel and began shooting into the air and burning tires. The Palestinia­n security forces responded with tear gas, and exchanges of fire took place.

The conflict reflects the deep unpopulari­ty of the Palestinia­n Authority in the West Bank, which is widely seen as collaborat­ing with an entrenched system of Israeli military domination.

Palestinia­n officials declined to comment on the operation.

Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank is now in its 55th year, with no signs of ending.

The Palestinia­ns seek all of the West Bank, home to some 500,000 Israeli settlers, as the heartland of a future independen­t state.

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