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Vegan food executive accused of biting man’s nose in driving row

- By Our Foreign Staff

THE chief operating officer of the vegan food company Beyond Meat has been arrested in the United States for allegedly biting a man’s nose during an argument in a car park.

Douglas Ramsey, 53, is said to have punched through a car’s back windshield and threatened to “kill” the man inside during the alleged dispute in Fayettevil­le, Arkansas.

Reports said he has been charged with third-degree battery and “terroristi­c threatenin­g” – threatenin­g to commit a crime or cause bodily harm.

Mr Ramsey has seen Beyond Meat’s stock prices collapse by more than 70 per cent this year. The company has said that the higher price of plant-based meat has slowed its growth.

Mr Ramsey allegedly got into a dispute with the other motorist on Saturday after leaving a game of American football. A Subaru vehicle inched in front of his Ford Bronco, coming into contact with the front tyre on the passenger’s side, according to a report.

Mr Ramsey then allegedly got out of his car and “punched through the back windshield of the Subaru”, it said.

The executive is said to have punched the driver of the car and “bit [his] nose, ripping the flesh on the tip”.

He also “threatened to kill” the man, the report alleged.

Mr Ramsey was released over the weekend after posting bail of $11,085 (£9,724).

He joined Beyond Meat, a manufactur­er of plant-based burgers, sausages and nuggets, in December 2021.

Last month, the company lowered its revenue forecast for the year and said it would cut roughly 4 per cent of its global workforce.

Neither Mr Ramsey nor Beyond Meat has so far commented on the incident.

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